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by Adam Knight: Pilot, Aviation Enthusiast and Podcaster.
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'Ben"s Dhow' by Giulio Carrozzi
Allways listen to your challenge our thinking..cheers Giulio Carrozzi ..would love a stubby holder & bottle opener 16 Iandra St Concord West
'Great Show' by Mada Maday
That's a great channel! You should check The Art of Charm Podcast! There's an episode with the Mind Pump guys.Thanks
'Informative and also entertaining ' by William Murphy
This podcast appeared in a Google search for a favorite author. In podcast #18, Sex with Alpacas, about 40 minutes into the chapter, I heard a very detailed description of the Amazon self-publish marketplace, both its standards and financial dynamics. This has not been available in any other easily accessible publication. I especially enjoyed thei description of the brutal and often arbitrary Amazon editing process. Also interesting was the maturity and perspicacity necessary for the authors to adapt to the literary tastes and vagaries. Kudos and honor due to Chris Sowa for his entertaining professionalism. Both serendipity and Google led me here, and I liked the trip. Please keep it up. Bill Murphy
'Great Meditations for Daily Life' by Rena Dubow
I have been listening to Chel Hamilton's besutiful, relaxing meditations for several weeks and they are the best I have found. They have helped me so much with my anxiety and stress. I now make it a point to make them part of my day and look forward to experiencing them.
'So Good It's Scary' by Datus Perry
If I had a podcast, I bet this is what it would sound like.

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