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by Adam Knight: Student Pilot, Aviation Enthusiast and Podcaster.
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'Great Meditations for Daily Life' by Rena Dubow
I have been listening to Chel Hamilton's besutiful, relaxing meditations for several weeks and they are the best I have found. They have helped me so much with my anxiety and stress. I now make it a point to make them part of my day and look forward to experiencing them.
'So Good It's Scary' by Datus Perry
If I had a podcast, I bet this is what it would sound like.
'Logical and informative' by Chris Kuhle
Dr Robbins is a real life research astronomer. When he hears the rubbish that some folks come out with online, on late night radio etc. whether its flat earthism, young earth or Planet X he doesn't just get mad, he gets even. Robbins takes apart the ideas of the lunatics with the same forensic indefatigableness he devotes to his his research work including recording 100s if not 1000s of hours listening and documenting to the kookiness that is late night/early morning talk back radio so you don't have to. His presentation style is pleasant and meticulous. He takes complex ideas and explains them in a way that even some like myself, who spent high school physics lessons colouring in the line drawings in the text book, can understand.
'History Network Spin Off' by Chris Kuhle
Easy to digest history podcast that approaches the topic from many different and oblique angles. Usually in the format of an interview of an author of a book or someone who has a deep knowledge of a particular subject such as restoration of armoured vehicles.
'32498549413' by Tristan Pauwels
Ik hou van elektronica superleuk het ook
'Awesome Pod Cast and Coach' by Andre Running Obradovic
Jonny thank you for allowing me to be involved in your show. it was so wonderful to discuss with you the importance of sleep optimised life and health. I am more than happy to take any questions your clients have at anytime. Mate all the best from down under.

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